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New York Times

What if It Weren’t Called Pink Slime?

Philip M. Boffer of the New York Times highlights how the “pink slime” moniker and copious media attention have done unfair damage to workers and to LFTB. Boffer writes: The first casualties of the hamburger ingredient contemptuously dubbed “pink slime” will likely not be anyone who eats it but rather the workers who make it. Beef Products […]

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The Sliming of Pink Slime’s Creator

Bryan Gruley and Elizabeth Campbell of Bloomberg BusinessWeek report how BPI—with its long history of leadership in food safety and processing—has been fighting unfounded attacks on LFTB to defend the company’s reputation, business and employees.

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Sliming Pink Slime

WSJ Opinion: Sliming Pink Slime

Holman W. Jenkins of the Wall Street Journal examines how the media created a phony controversy over lean finely textured beef.  Mr. Jenkins champions the creation of “product defamation” laws which would raise the stakes of respectable reporting. Read more of Mr. Jenkins opinion.

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Letter From Beef Products Inc. Founder Eldon Roth

Letter from Beef Products, Inc. Founder Eldon Roth

To see the full piece as it was included in the March 23 issue of The Wall Street Journal, please click here. March 23, 2012 “Pink Slime” Libel to Cost This Country Jobs Before last summer, we could not have imagined the personal, professional, financial and spiritual impact of the campaign of lies and deceit […]

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