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Chicago Tribune: Meat-processing company gets chewed up in ‘pink slime’ uproar

Chicago Tribune: Meat-processing company gets chewed up in ‘pink slime’ uproar

Chicago Tribune columnist Phil Rosenthal offers a balanced viewpoint on BPI’s processing of lean beef trimmings. “The more people are disconnected with their food supply and the sources of their food, the more questions they will have, and we understand that,” said Craig Letch, director of food safety and quality assurance for South Dakota-based Beef […]

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Support for the Safety, Quality and Nutrition of Lean Beef Trimmings

In recent weeks, our lean beef has received an increasing amount of media attention. The vast majority of this coverage has been, and continues to be, negative. Additionally, earlier coverage has included mis-information. We stand by our product.  It is safe, it is nutritious and it is quality beef. We are not alone in this […]

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An Emotional Defense of Food Safety Leadership

If anyone has earned the right to speak up about the debate over BPI’s Boneless Lean Beef Trimmings, it is Nancy Donley.  The founder of STOP Foodborne Illness, Nancy’s only son died from illness caused by eating E. coli O157:H7-contaminated ground beef in 1993. Since then she has dedicated her life to holding the food […]

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Interview with Barry Carpenter, CEO of the National Meat Association

Check out this recent interview with Barry Carpenter of the National Meat Association.

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Why Is Ammonia Used to Make Ground Beef

Why Ammonia is Used to Make Lean Ground Beef

According to, a site hosted by the American Meat Institute, ammonia “creates an environment that is unfriendly to pathogenic bacteria” and “provides a significant food safety benefit. ” Watch this video to learn more.

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100% Beef – High Quality and Safe

Trim is the meat and fat that is trimmed away when beef is cut into steaks and roasts. This lean beef is used in hamburger, sausage, ground beef, and as a valuable ingredient in many other foods. We use a puff of ammonia to eliminate bacteria safely and effectively. When combined with moisture naturally in […]

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Why is Ammonia Used in Some Foods

Ammonia is essential for life. This naturally occurring substance is found in virtually all life forms, from plants to animals to humans. Life could not have evolved and cannot survive without it. Ammonia, in the form of ammonium hydroxide, is naturally found in beef, other proteins, and virtually all foods. It is widely used in […]

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