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The Sliming of Pink Slime’s Creator

Bryan Gruley and Elizabeth Campbell of Bloomberg BusinessWeek report how BPI—with its long history of leadership in food safety and processing—has been fighting unfounded attacks on LFTB to defend the company’s reputation, business and employees.

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Health News Digest – The Sad Saga Of ‘Pink Slime’ – You Can’t Fix Stupid

Michael D. Shaw of Health News Digest reports on how the irresponsible journalism over “Pink Slime” can lead to real harm to real people. “Surely, …, the American public is far too sophisticated to fall for such gross misrepresentation by the media, right? Wrong. If anything, the public is more clueless now than in 1921, […]

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Sliming Pink Slime

WSJ Opinion: Sliming Pink Slime

Holman W. Jenkins of the Wall Street Journal examines how the media created a phony controversy over lean finely textured beef.  Mr. Jenkins champions the creation of “product defamation” laws which would raise the stakes of respectable reporting. Read more of Mr. Jenkins opinion.

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Get The Facts on Lean Beef Trimmings

Get the Facts on Lean Beef Trimmings Download a PDF copy.

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Top 8 Myths of “Pink Slime”

The media has been spreading a lot of myths about what “pink slime” is. The image spreading on the internet is not beef. Read more about the top 8 myths of pink slime below. Myth 1: Boneless lean beef trimmings look like pink slime. Fact: The photo many media have used to represent pink slime […]

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Kit Foshee: A Reliable Source?

    We certainly have our opinion on this question and, fortunately, that same opinion was shared by the jury in South Dakota when we litigated all these issues in 2002.  So, while time has not changed the facts of that case, Foshee clearly believes that presenting a different story to a different group of […]

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